Sunday, October 18, 2009

Upcoming PSP RPGs

From ports of classic PS2 games to original titles like Jeanne D'arc, PSP owners have quite a few excellent RPGs to choose from. 2010 will see the release of several more great RPGs. Here are a few you should keep your eye out for:

The Little Battlers:

The Little Battlers, known as Cardboard Senki in Japan, is a new RPG from Jeanne D'arc creators Level 5. The game will allow players to build their own robots and battle them against others in both single and multiplayer play. The game has yet to receive a release date.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep:

The PSP's first Kingdom Hearts game is set some time before the original Kingdom Hearts game. The game will feature characters Terra, Ven and Aqua, and introduces a new type of enemy known as the Unversed. No release date has been announced.

La Pucelle Ragnarok:

La Pucelle Ragnarok is a remake of the Nippon Ichi strategy RPG. Like the Disgaea ports, this version is expected to feature more characters and additional chapters. La Pucelle comes out at the end of 2009 in Japan, and is expected to show up in US stores sometime next year.

Parasite Eve 3: The Third Birthday:

The Playstation One series Parasite Eve continues with this new chapter in Aya Brea's story. Gamers can expect dungeon crawling gameplay and more of the same atmosphere and style that the earlier games possessed. A release date for Parasite Eve 3 has yet to be announced.

Tales of Rebirth PSP:

The PS2 game Tales of Rebirth is also getting a PSP upgrade. For those who haven't played the turn based RPG, the game uses 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds and a plane based battle system. The PSP remake of Rebirth has already been released in Japan. A US release date has yet to be announced, but given the popularity of other Tales games, it looks likely.


Ushiro is yet another new PSP RPG from Level-5. This one is a horror game that will put players in the shoes of a Shinigami who has the power to prevent bad things from happening. It will feature a turn based battle system. The release date has yet to be announced.


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