Friday, October 2, 2009

Funky Punch Review

funky punch
IGN has reviewed the downloadable fighter for the PSP, Funky Punch. They have some positive things to say about the game, declaring:

...the game has been cleaned up from the iPhone edition. The on-screen buttons and pad have been completely banished and the fighters are slightly better constructed and the animations also appear somewhat smoother.

However, they aren't thrilled with the game either, adding that:
Funky Punch feels like somebody just wanted to either set a fighting game or at least three iPhone games on to the Mini list for launch. This is not a terribly strong brawler. It is far too easy to button mash your way to victory and the majority of the fighters are vanilla. Though mildly improved from the iPhone edition, Funky Punch rests at the bottom of the Mini list. Apply your download dollars elsewhere.
 They gave the game a score of 5.5/10.



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