Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two New Puzzle Games Available on PSN

Two new puzzle games are now available for purchase in the PSN store. Both Archer Maclean's Mercury and Mercury Meltdown can be downloaded for $9.99 each. The games combine platform and puzzle gameplay as players navigate balls of goo through maze after maze. Head over to the PSN store to check them out!


nintendo dsi r4 November 30, 2009 at 2:18 AM  

The PSP Video Games means Play Station Portable Video Games. These games come in a mini disc. The PSP console is small and handy like an i-phone. Therefore the PSP Video Games come only in mini discs. These games are much more costly due to this reason. Another specialty of the PSP Video Games is that it cannot be copied. This prevents from the game piracy.

All the games that are available to be played on computers and PS series are also available as PSP Video Games. The PSP console was developed for the gamers who could not spend time at home to sit and play on the computer or the PS console. The PSP is just the size of an i-phone and can be carried anywhere along with us. It also provides excellent gaming experience though it is small. It also has additional features such as photo viewer, video player, music player, internet browser, etc.

The cost of the PSP console as well as the PSP Video Games is very high and expensive. Due to the high cost of the console and the games, the PSP Video Games are not a very big hit among people in India. Whereas in other parts of the world, at least 8 out of 10 people would be owning a PSP console. The best feature of the PSP console is the headset adaptability, which gives the gamers a true gaming experience. Thus PSP games compensates its cost.

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